Had a great day yesterday with some lovely ladies each with a different service.  The first, from Maple Ridge, was in to donate her beautiful long hair for our “Wigs for Kids” programme.  Miss Rose cut off ten inches and styled the clients hair into the cutest bob.  Another lady, from Langley who has purchased two wigs from us over the past two years came in to get her own hair trimmed.  It’s growing again after her chemotherapy treatments!  A client from Fort Langley was in to get her wig adjusted.  She just needed a Comfy Grip to keep her wig in place!  An easy fix.  A client from Coquitlam is really preparing for the future.  She was just diagnosed with breast cancer and came in and tried on several wigs in different styles and colours and found one she loves.  She also had an appointment with Taryn of Because We Care for a fitting for her mastectomy bras and breast forms.  She left The House of Miss Rose feeling confident and in control of her future.  In fact she said she was feeling quite enpowered.  It’s so good to see a client who is facing adversity have such a positive attitude.

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