We are very proud of our selection and styles of wigs  in our wig & mastectomy shop in down town Cloverdale!

But why buy from us rather than a (cosmetic wig store)?  Well this is why, our shop is an oncology shop, we cater to women going through chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

We do not sell things like extensions or things that are used strictly for cosmetic use! So you wont find women coming in looking for hair piece or extensions for their next big date!

When you come in to or shop we want you to get what YOU NEED, NOT JUST WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK!

We do have a large selection of in stock human hair wigs and synthetic wigs!

We are all about you comfort and privacy!

Cosmetic wig stores can be cold, not personal and some say a little creepy according to what some of our clients have told us.

Our Surrey wig store is friendly and very welcoming, your happiness is what we worry about!

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