I would like to remind my clients January 1st is coming fast! 

If you have not come in for your B.C. Pharma Deductible  or your extended care deductible you need to do so before January 31st!

Pharma Care covers you for 1 mastectomy breast form every 2 years.

Private health insurance is 

1 mastectomy breast form every year to two years.

2 post mastectomy bras every calendar year.

Everyone can have different  insurance so please check to see if yours is different.

If you need help,  please let me know and I can check your Pharma Care for you.  Please make sure to check our website for store closer during the holidays!




Also we are working very closely with Lei lani of Langley.

She is doing all our wig styling  and she offers nipple tattooing after your mastectomy and your reconstruction! As you can see she does an amazing job.


Also if you are in need of some great gifts we have some super stocking suffers! bath bombscrub16new scrub 2soap newscru10scrub14lelani10lelani9lelani12










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