I have clients who come in every day wanting a human hair wig (which we sell)!

Over and over again I explain to these ladies that a human hair wig during chemotherapy is (a lot of work ) and truly not necessary!

A ladies time with little or no hair due to chemo is not very long, the daily work that goes into a human hair wig can be to much for some ladies while going through chemo. As with our own hair, a human hair wig has to be styled and set (daily) not all ladies are in the mood during this time in their life.

Synthetic wigs are not the wigs that some of us recall our mom’s or grandmothers wearing in the 70’s.

Most people are shocked when they feel a (high quality synthetic wig) ( not a Cheap $50.00 ordered over the internet)!

The reason we recommend a synthetic wig for chemotherapy patients is:

  • They are no work – the wigs fall into shape with no work, so you can just pop them on your head and you are ready to go!
  • High quality – our synthetic wigs are the best quality you will find, they feel like real hair with out the work and the price.
  • The cost Synthetic wigs are so much better priced, you can buy 2 or 3 beautiful wigs for the cost of one short human hair wig.
  • Style- we offer such a huge range of color and style.  
  • Head covers- most women opt for pre-tied head covers for the ease and comfort as well as the price tag. 


Some of our ladies get very confused when we tell them all of this info, as I said we sell (human hair & synthetic wigs) but we are honest and we want you to have the truth & facts during time of your life.

As we are an ONCOLOGY BOUTIQUE, we cater to ladies who are going through all types of cancer and chemotherapy, in all stages of treatment. We do not carry extinctions, or cosmetic wig products.

If you come into our shop you will see women in the same state as yourself, not a gal looking for something to make her next date a good one!

If you go to a wig store and you are pushed to buy a human hair wig for use during chemotherapy, my advice is the (leave) and re think what you are being told.    


These are all synthetic wigs:


Jacqueline open top

Jacqueline open top

wigTaryn_web (3)wigMichaela_web (3)wigKaitlyn_web (2)

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