I have welcomed many new clients into my mastectomy  shop after their  terrible experiences being fit in a lingerie store or medical supply shop,   why is this such a common problem?

Personally I get being put off a medical supply store, I would not want to buy my bra’s in a shop that has walkers, potty’s, crutches and beds all used for sick individuals.  This is the most un -feminine atmosphere I could imagine.  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I had one young women explain to me why she will not be fit in a lingerie shop again.

She said from the moments she walked into the lingerie store she was greeted by young women with their breasts bursting out of her low cut tops, there were beautiful displays of  demi bras and non- mastectomy lingerie that was not a current option for her.

Our new clients was then sent to the back of the store, with one tiny rack of two styles of mastectomy bras and no help!

She was given no option in a mastectomy breast form , she was handed a breast form and sent into the room to figure it out for herself.

The girl helping had no expertise in MASTECTOMY FITTINGS she was just a younger gal who worked in a lingerie store.  

BaciLingerieOption-1-05I get what she has told us,  here at our MASTECTOMY STORE BECAUSE WE CARE we offer a private safe environment of a huge selection of MASTECTOMY  BRA OVER 12 LINES OF MASTECTOMY PRODUCTS, BREAST FORMS, MASTECTOMY SWIM WEAR, MASTECTOMY CLOTHING and much much more!  Our staff is fully trained as mastectomy fitters this is what we do, and what we love to do that is why we are BECAUSE WE CARE MASTECTOMY & WIGS! 



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