Bust Covers

ABC’s Bust Covers are the ideal accessory to add extra projection or to help maintain modesty.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL (Sold in pairs)

Color: Beige




Form Clean

Specially formulated for use with the Massage Form ®Attach and the Massage Form ® Shaper Attach (styles 10475 and 11485), our mild liquid cleanser gently removes residue and restores the adhesive surface of our attachable back breast prostheses.

Size: One size; 250 ml (Approximately 250 uses)

Breast Form Wash

ABC’s all-natural, organic wash effectively cleans and maintains the shape and form of your ABC breast form.  Our gentle formula neutralizes odors to restore freshness and rinses completely clean for a smooth feel.

Instructions: Rinse your breast form in cool water.  Apply a drop of ABC Breast Form Wash and massage gently.  Rinse well and pat dry.

Size: One size; 118 ml


Made of soft silicone with an adhesive back, this nipple prosthesis can be securely attached to a breast form, shaper, or reconstructed breast.

(Sold individually)
Size: S (1.5 in.), M (1.75 in.), L (2 in.)

Colors: Blush, Ivory, Tawny


Breast Form Covers

ABC’s Breast Form Covers are soft covers made of cottonwick, a revolutionary fabric that reduces thermal stress and averts moisture away from the body.

Size: 1 – 14, L/R, 0-18 (Triangle)

Colors: Beige, Tawny

Styles: 200 Asymmetric, 300 Oval, 400 Triangle, 500 Classic Asymmetric

Drain Pouches

Soft pouches are designed to hold post-surgical drain bulbs after breast surgery and are lined with Velcro for easy attachment to your camisole/ bra band. Our design features a larger opening to accommodate Jackson-Pratt, Hemovac, and other drain management systems!

Size: One size (Sold in pairs)

Colors: Beige, Black, White

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