We are very happy to offer a new line of Chemotherapy caps, they are soft and very feminine.

There is a huge colour selection and as our other Chemo caps,  they are made in the USA.  This nine offer soft ruffles or a smooth finish. You will not be disappointed.
CB_savannah_9-300x300 (1)CB_Stella_16_site-300x300 (2)CB_SusanB_16_site-300x300 (1)CB_Tanya_F2015l (1)CB_rita_16_site-300x300 (1)CB_Reagan_16-300x300 (1)CB_Nikki_2.20_site (1)MI8A0882-greyCB_Sara_16_2_site-300x300 (1)CB_Donie_16_site-300x300

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