Well this has been a wet, but great week with some of my favourite ladies! One thing I enjoy about running BECAUSE WE CARE MASTECTOMY FITTINGS TO YOU!  is learning about my customers and how interesting they all are.  For example at the start of my week I saw one of my favourite gals of the 3rd time. She turned 103 this year and is amazing. We talked about the first time she and her brothers and sisters saw an airplane. She said “they ran and tried to keep up with it for about 2 miles”!  Her Father was in the great war, and she had neighbours on the Lusitania. How amazing is that! She also is great on a computer (she has a MAC) and lives on her own. The funny thing is she doesn’t think she is interesting! One of my clients yesterday is a wonderful lady in North Vancouver.  Her husband was a former pilot for Air Canada back in the day when flying was amazing! She is so lovely and interesting, I love women like her, and my Monday morning gal. The only problem is I tend to sit and listen to long and have been a little late for the next client! LOL

Next week I have some great ladies, again rich in history. One was living in Germany in World War 2. She was placed in a German work camp, basicly scooped up off the street and did not see her husband again for 3 years. The wonderful thing about her is how much joy and love she oozes! Amazing, I hit bad traffic and it does me in. They all have so much to share! We have some new mastectomy swim wear in! Have a look at our web site, they are beautiful.

Have a great week





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