I love the changing of our seasons, for some reason I thrive on the change of what is coming next!  Fall has always been such a magical time of the year for me, the changing of the leaves and the amazing scents in the are for some reason make me feel 6 years old, it makes me very happy.

I think I get more excited about Halloween  than my 2 daughters. Who does not recall how exciting it was to plan out your Halloween costume back in August!

My special to you is a Halloween treat!

All products in our shop that are black  receive 30% off! This includes

Mastectomy bras (black only)

Mastectomy swim wear (black only)

Mastectomy apparel (black Only)

Chemotherapy scarves, turbans  and head covers! (black only)

Wigs (black only)  

This sale runs out on October 31! Heeeeeeee Heeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeee

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