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What is the difference between conventional swimwear and mastectomy swimwear, and what exactly makes Anita care swimwear for women after breast surgery so special? Find out everything about the special cut, the perfect fit and the materials we use.


Cuts and designs

Visually, swimwear for women after breast surgery is characterised by colourful patterns, fashionable designs and clever accessories. On close inspection, however, it does much more. Functionality is key! Why is it important for post-op women to not wear just any swimwear?


  • The neckline with a higher cut creates secure support and conceals scars
  • Openings in the sides of the prosthesis pockets enable secure and liberated swimming
  • Special materials and cuts prevent the prosthesis from showing.
  • Adjustable straps increase functionality
  • An armhole with a higher cut guarantees good support and excellent comfort

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