Inspirational gift for cancer patients

Inspirational gift


We have a large selection of feminine and inspirational boutique gift wear and clothing that have been made for BECAUSE WE CARE exclusively.

We have new products  arriving daily, so it does change. Our Line of t-shirts and sweat shirts come in a large range of color and sizes XS – XXL. 


We have chosen our boutique items very carefully, with our ladies in mind. If you are wanting a gift for a friend or loved one in treatment, we will have it here!

Come by for a look!

We also carry a (girlfriend line of cheeky real cards) here are a few  



Post-Surgical Kit

Patented Massage Technology- Massages, Hugs, Cools

ABC’s Post Surgical Kit is equipped with the essential products needed to promote a smooth and comfortable recovery after surgery.

Kit includes: 

1 white Leisure Bra, 

1 Triangle Puff Form, 

1 pair of Drain Pouches, 


If you are unsure what your friend needs, we do have (gift certificates available)

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