FAQ’s on Mastectomy

Why is Wearing a Breast Form Necessary?

Which Breast Form Should Fit?

What is Your Return Policy?

What is Covered by Provincial Insurance?

What is Covered by Private Insurance?

Do You Charge Extra for Your Mobile Service?


Wearing a Breast Form

Losing a breast causes an imbalance to the body. If a woman goes too long without replacing the weight of a missing breast, she may experience neck or back pain.

You should wear a breast form:

  • To restore balance to the body for good physical health
  • To restore the natural silhouette to the body for good mental and emotional health
  • To help avoid neck or back pain

Breast Form

Triangular? Teardrop? Asymmetrical?

We can suggest which form might be best for you … but … each surgery is truly different from any other.

Return Policy

All sales are final on all products.

Swimsuits are neither exchangeable nor returnable.


Provincial Insurance

BC Pharmacare covers every resident in the province who has reached their deductible. You have to make sure that you are registered. The coverage goes as follows:

  • one breast form every two years up to a maximum coverage is $350.00
  • two bras will be covered if you have reached your deductible and you have not waited longer than six months after your surgery

If you would like to know more about your coverage please feel free to call us and we will look it up for you on BC Pharmacare.  It is nice to know how much you will be paying!

Private Insurance

Most private insurance companies will require you to have proof that you have processed your bras and breast forms through BC Pharmacare.  Most insurance companies will cover you for:

  • one breast form every two years
  • two mastectomy bras every calendar year

You must check your own private insurance and see if your insurance policy is different. You may have more or less coverage. Your insurance company may cover what Pharmacare does not.

Mobile Visits

We do not charge for your home visit. We will match any other retailer in BC and discount it by $10. You must make sure you have proof of the price and retailer.

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